Friday, 9 January 2015

Amitabh Bachchan: No drinking, no smoking, no aerated drinks
For instance, what does he eat, does he ever sit with his feet up on his sofa, is there ever a time he does nothing, would he ever sit with his family around him just watching Arnab Goswami'sNewshour? He is such a tall legend with so much aura that every time you are in his presence, you come back not asking any of this from him, but only come back a little more awestruck with India's biggest entertainer who is ever so hardworking, disciplined and so very humble. I am such a coffee junkie that I land up assuming that obviously everyone on this planet must be having coffee, so I confidently asked Mr Bachchan on his favourite coffee, given that my current obsession is the Vietnamese one. And to my shock, he said, 'I don't drink coffee, so I am the wrong person to ask. I stopped some years ago.' I couldn't believe it at least in my heart, though I tried not to show it on my face, and asked him, 'Sir, so what do you like to drink?' He said, 'I left drinking about 35 years ago. And a couple of years back, I left chai and coffee. And I don't drink aerated drinks.' I said, 'Oh! Then what do you drink sir?' He said, 'I have water, nimboo pani bhi peelete hainJ.' My face was now clearly showing my disbelief as in my mind, I couldn't think of anyone like that.

This news is from Times Of India 

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