Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan performs 'shradh' for his mother

AHMEDABAD: It was not a routine advertisement shoot on Monday, as superstarAmitabh Bachchan was shooting a shradh (a special prayer ceremony for the departed soul) at Sidhpur. The superstar was actually performing the ritual for his mother.
Bachchan's mother, Teji Bachchan, had passed away in December 2007 following prolonged illness. "According to Hindu religion, it is believed that shradh offerings to paternal ancestors should be made in Gaya, and similarly, offerings for the maternal ones should be performed at Sidhpur. Sidhpur is known as 'Matru Gaya'," said a tourism department official.
Bachchan was to shoot an advertisement campaign as a part of Khushboo Gujarat Ki to promote Sidhpur as a destination where people can come annually to perform the rituals for their deceased maternal ancestors.
Officials said that while performing the rituals, he was emotional and deeply engaged. "Usually, for a commercial shoot, he performs for three to four minutes. But he stayed there for nearly five hours performing each and every ritual as per tradition," said the official.
Bachchan, who was also in Khadia in the city on Sunday flying kites, has mentioned in his blog how he got nostalgic while flying kite. It was perhaps after 60 years that he had indulged in kite flying. "And cut my fingers too with the 'manjha', the crushed glass swiped thin thread that propels the kite into the air," he wrote in his blog. Bachchan was seen using first aid treatment for his cut finger.
About Khadia, he blogged that it was one of the most congested regions of the city, which actually offered the right atmosphere for the shot. He mention about kite cutting that the competition starts from the other roofs, the idea is a competition of how to get rid of the other persons kite.
He describes how there is jubilation when there is a 'victory in the air'and how in Allahabad in UP, his folks would celebrate the moment shouting - "woh kaata!!" (There, we've cut it)
He also mentions in the blog that it was difficult to control emotions. "The mass of people, struggling, pushing and fighting the security! Their happy faces and shouts of ecstasy were just so much to be thankful for," wrote Bachchan.

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